Be awared Dr.Richard Alan Weiss of Newport beach, CA is a fraud.

He will used you as a training subject without your informed consent and leave you disfigured for life. Don't trust his testimonies unless you know those people yourself. Don't trust his befoe & after plstic surgery photos cuz some of them can be purchased just like all his testimonies. Some photos of his are stolen from foreign doctors website.


Weiss only real skill is to steal your money and care nothing about you.Don't let him ruined your life like he did to me.

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San Francisco, California, United States #823828

FAKE REVIEW ALERT AND SPECIAL OFFER: I never done this to anyone.It is a lie.

Some other doctor done this to her and she blamed it on me. I am a perfectionist and you can see all my super happy patients' reviews on yelp.com. My team of PRs are working very hard to repair my reputation and constantly scanning the internet for fake negative reviews. I am one of the best plastic surgeons in North America and all my collegues and peers know this.

I may sometimes behave goofy during appointments and surgeries, but this is just to make my patients laugh. I am a musician and never abused drugs ever in my life. Please come and see me first before you decide with one of the other zillions doctors out there. As a doctor, I am never sure what emergencies the day holds or exactly how long a surgery will require but I do take my patient's time seriously and usually do a pretty good job of running on time.

However, I have reason to suspect that this is a completely fake review. For quite some time, several previous patient of 4 or more years ago has been posting (under multiple aliases) extremely negative, completely untrue, slanderous and even profane reviews about myself, my surgical skills, even my family and office in literally hundreds of locations and for various reasons I believe that this is one of the fake reviews written by one of those people. . It is clear from the tone and diction that the patient is extremely upset.

I sympathize deeply...

Some doctors can do it better than other doctors, but I assure you I am a perfectionist and my work is flawless. I find these comments particularly concerning because I have always prided myself with providing the highest level of ethical health care. As a doctor, my first duty is to my patients and their health. Some of these previous patients have impersonated men and women who are even describing procedures that I don't perform.

In my entire career I have NEVER had any of the types of problems that these anonymous people have described. I have read through quite a few of essentially the same or similar reviews, posted under various aliases on many different review sites. However, my commitment to my patients is unwavering. As a physician who has been practicing in the same Newport Beach office for over 25 years, I like to let my patients and my peers do the talking for me.

Anyone considering our office is more than welcome to examine my full resume, view selected before and after photos, and watch my real honest video testimonials of satisfied patients who receive absolutely NOTHING for their time on drweiss.com. Cosmetic consultations are also FREE and without obligation. Please do not read anything about botched surgery on any websites, Realself. com and MakeMeHeal.com These sites are for deranged people that need serious therapy that blamed their doctors for their problems.

. No plastic surgeons can make these people a super model, so they take their frustration out on doctors. Maybe a few doctors did do botched surgery or surgery wihout informed consent, but I never done them ever in my lifetime. I encourage you to set up an appointment, meet with myself and my staff, and truly get an understanding of how we do things.

Mention %u2018Fake Review Discount%u2019 and we%u2019ll show our appreciation of your trust by offering you a 10% discount on any procedure (potentially saving over $1,000!) I thought it was important that you at least heard my version of the story. My door is always open - I look forward to your visit and guiding you in your health endeavors.

Sincerely, Dr.Weiss

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Dr.Weiss is a liar.

He is not a plastic surgeon , but fooled many. He uses his one year fellowship doing eye tumor surgery as experience for plastic surgery. He now ia doing skin laser surgery. He puts fake positive reviews on the internet.

Please read the ones on city search.

He either paya someone to write fake positive reviews or he writes them himself.He is now practicing skin laser on people that don't even know they are guinea piga.


I really don't know how good he is with plastic surgery.I only go to him to get my aging face loaded with botox and facial fillers.

I sent my friends to my plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to get their eyelids done. It is worth it cuz the one I used in Beverly Hills have extensive facial plastic surgery, so I only go to Dr. Weiss for things that are minor like injection that goes away. This is saft cuz if it is botched it is not permanent.

I get special deals from Dr.Weiss for refering my friends to him for botox and facial fillers.


I agreed.He is very friendly and act like he knows what he is doing.

He burnt my skin and not taking responsibility for it.People just don't know how horrible it is how these doctors get away with botched surgeries and lies.


With a very quick search of his name, I found that he is not a plastic surgeon (ie he did not go through a plastic surgery residency or fellowship) but instead he is an opthamologist. Just because a doctor states he does plastic surgery does not mean they are qualified or had the proper training. I am sorry for your botched surgery and I would find a qualified plastic surgeon to fix your problem.


Dr.weiss is busy doing damage control.

I feel that this doctor have a very big ego and now in denial of the truth and wants the public to believe he is perfect and never performed any botched jobs. This is why you got such a super *** job from him cuz it is his super big ego that performed your surgery and he sure lack surgical skills.

Thanks for us out here know about quacks like Dr.Richard Alan Weiss of Newport Beach, CA.


Thaks for informing people about this horrible doctor.I sure don't want to look like that .

I can tell it is not natural looking.

I never seen any north, east, southeast asians with eyelids like that.I think he may have intentionally mutilated your face.

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